about the film

I DONíT WANT TO KILL MYSELF tells the story of a young man who fakes a suicide attempt to get his friend out of a DUI. When everything goes wrong, James is sentenced to a suicide prevention group where he must convince everyone, including himself, that he does not in fact want to kill himself.

While there he is forced to bond with Emily, a former kid-genius, and Aaron, a young man who hides his pain and fear in comedy. James also fails to impress the group's leader, Vanessa, a misguided woman who just wants people to stop killing themselves.

When James finally begins to see these people for who they really are, he must also confront the fact that when making friends with the chronically depressed, another suicide is always a frighteningly real possibility. By confronting real life, and real death, James learns the personal costs and risks of depression, as well as friendship.

Equal parts funny and moving, this independent film reminds us of all the things that make a mixed up life worth living.

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